The Tribe

from by Amikdla




Come on down, my son
You seem to be, the chosen one
sacrifice to worship
to fight and conquer
this violent nature

to hunt or gather, it is true
mother earth, will see to you
compromise your freedom
defend your self and
this right to live here

all the fights that you begin
are fights that only you could win
rise to the top, fight till they drop
and let them worship you
as long as you reign

We are all insignificant
a spoke to the wheel
a pillar to bare this
fight for survival
we strive for our own peace of mind

And when evening turns black
nothing left
the moon watches over death and dawn
all hope
long but gone

the faith of your foes
is set in stone
their mission was useless
you send them home


from A Small Step, track released February 22, 2014
Written by:
Joël van Dam: vocals
Wouter Ouwehand: drums
Jasper Schilder: guitar
Wessel van Wijnen: guitar/bass/electronica

Production, recording, mixing, mastering: Joël van Dam




Amikdla Zaandam, The Netherlands

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